Our Story

Started in 2000 as Carraig Farm & Apothecary, animal rescue has been at the center of everything we do. Some animals have joined the farm through partner rescues, others "appeared" while others were given up due to life circumstances, a death in family or abuse. We have loved blind sheep, rehabbed bunnies, warmed rescued baby goats at 2am on a -2 degree winter night, adopted arthritic old and deaf horses and built ramps for a goat with 3 working legs and half an udder... Each animal we have loved has its own wonderful stubbornness, perseverance and personality. 


In 2005 pasture was added along with a second barn as our number of rescues grew. In 2008 a second coop was added along with emergency cage and 2 tractors. This year marks a wonderful milestone for us. We have restructured and renamed the farm with an eye on rescue only. A third barn has been added along with new pasture rotation fencing to house additional rescues. 


Every animal that comes into our care has a back story... this back story is important in providing the best care for the farm animal and winning their trust. Through touch, gentle handling and hugs we are able to rehabilitate and eventually rehome giving each animal a second chance. 



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