Barley & Honey Moisture Balm

Barley & Honey Moisture Balm


Small batch made with our own foraged plantain solar infused into enriching oils, our own handmade barley water and unfiltered honey topped with a sweet honey fragrance. Perfect for day or night use, this lotion is rich and quick to absorb. Light, airy and moisturizing. 

Victorian times often called for the use of barley water - it was a go-to staple in every home and a remedy for many. From treating an upset stomach, making bread, helping one to diet, removing blemishes, a nutritious drink for the bedbound and the making of the everpresent barrel of ale or whiskey. In Ireland, barley stems were sold by florists to decorate the table thought to bring abundance to the fields. Our modern word for barn is rooted in barley originally meaning barley house. 

Today we know so much more about the benefits of this grain. Rich in Vitamin B complex, iron, calcium, potassium and zinc, it is a perfect addition to healthy foods. Barley is rich in selenium which helps to greatly improve elasticity and keep skin toned. 

Barley is also anti-inflammatory in nature. Naturally occurring azelaic acid in barley controls inflammation and clogged pores. We would suggest this for an everyday skin/hand cream.


From our customers:

Absolutely love this!!! Smooth & creamy, the scent is awesome!!!! Not greasy, soaks in quick!!!


Smells so so good, and it feels as good as it smells! Highly recommended