Camphor Ice

Camphor Ice


Original recipe from 1902. A time-tested gem used for healing chapped, cracked and weather-beaten skin, and easing chest congestion. Perfect for winter! I originally sought out this recipe for our ice fishing this season given the -5 degree temperatures and have been delighted with the outcome! Yes, we have become a fan…


The exact recipe has been followed (excepting the whale spermaceti being substituted with golden jojoba) and made with our own hand rendered lard from the farm. Also wonderful for aching feet, edema, wind sunburn and eczema. 


Camphor’s origins are found in traditional medicine where it was used for both Hindu ceremonies and in Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of fever. During the 1800’s it was used as cough medicine and expectorant and even thought “to calm fretful children.” While we can’t confirm it calming children, I can confirm it calms coughing adults (me).


The camphor is reminiscent of a chest vapor rub you may remember as a child but without the unpleasant strong medicinal smell. We have packaged in an easy to carry 1 ounce container since as soon as you will use it, we know you will be hooked. The feeling on skin is cooling and refreshing with a minty wintergreen uplifting scent. Balm melts into your skin quickly.


No yucky stuff! We are sulfate, palm oil, propylene glycol and petroleum byproducts free. This product does not contain a preservative. Please use within 6 months of opening.


From our customers:

This has really helped my husband's dry hands this winter. He likes the mild cooling sensation that goes along with it. Love it and the cause it supports!


So happy to have found such a quality product! This is true to old recies and works wonders without the harsh chemicals of "vapor rub" type products. So glad to also support the rescue of farm animals!