Dandelion Magnesium Lotion - nourishing and natural aid in leg cramps, muscle ac

Dandelion Magnesium Lotion - nourishing and natural aid in leg cramps, muscle ac


*Note: color of lotion may range from white to yellow - dandelions at different times of the season have a varying amount of color to them along with pollen -  unfortunately, while each batch is solar infused and homemade, all batches will not be the same color - thank you for understanding - I always prefer the natural route over adding dyes. No perfume added, just pure goodness...


Made with our own wild picked and solar infused dandelions. You not only get all the benefits of magnesium but additionally skin soothing and nourishing dandelion. Using magnesium has been shown to help relieve aches, pains and muscle cramps. Wonderful for lower back pain. Makes a great gift for gardeners, those with sore backs, legs or friends that tend to do repetitive gestures. The magnesium moves transdermally, right into the place where you need it most. A customer favorite! 2 oz jar


*increased energy

*reduced muscle tension

*improved cardiovascular health (helps with heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat)

*improved chronic pain from tension, fibromyalgia, arthritis

*ease in headaches/migraines

*soothes sore muscles from athletic training 

*improved assimilation of calcium and potassium 

*improved symptoms from PMS


from our customers;

I love this cream!! It shipped quickly and is just a miracle in a jar! I broke my back and my husband has been rubbing this on my back for some added relief and I feel it immediately! Thank you!


The lotion is great, a little goes a long way. It smells great and makes my skin really soft. And helping the animal sanctuary makes it even better. Definitely coming back when I'm out


Has a genuinely buttery feel, very moisturizing.


Lovely products, with delicious aromas. Fast delivery and friendly service.Thank you!


I have tried other magnesium creams in the past for leg cramps that wake me up at night but none of them worked. At last I think I know why: they were oily (heavy with the body butters) and just SAT on the skin while this product somehow -- I don't know what witchcraft this company is using -- is lotion-like in consistency and ABSORBS quickly into the skin. It's been three nights in a row with only one leg cramp that didn't last very long. Big improvement for me! Love this product and will be buying more! 💕