Milk of Lavender

Milk of Lavender


This recipe was inspired by a wonderful customer who has used our lavender water and milk of roses for acne and blemishes with success. Our milk of lavender puts the best of both worlds into one bottle. This is the same recipe as our Milk of Roses with the substitution of our own farm grown lavender infused water. Lavender helps to keep bacteria at bay and can prevent/heal acne breakouts. Additionally, it helps to unclog pores and reduce inflammation. Lavender has also been used to treat cystic acne with positive results.

Following is a historical background to the Milk of Roses that inspired our new creation - While doing research on this recipe we found it in several books including an 1811 & 1856 book along with a 1909 ladies etiquette manual. This was quite the popular potion, and all recipes were the same so we had to make it... 2 oz bottle

Milk of Roses was made to "protect one's bloom". Sweet almond oil protects and replenishes while our own handmade rosewater balances the skins Ph and gently cleanses. Safe for all types of skin including those with eczema and acne. The rose water and almond oil should be shaken to form a milky texture. Apply with a cotton pad or cloth square after cleansing face... 

No yucky stuff! We are sulfate, palm oil, propylene glycol and petroleum byproducts free. This product does not contain a preservative. Please use within 6 months of opening.


From our customers:

I’m absolutely in love with this product! It smells so wonderful and it’s moisturizing too! I have acne prone skin and after putting this on at night I wake up to happy skin that is nourished without being oily. Milk of Lavender is a new staple in my skincare routine :)


The consistency of this lavender milk is wonderful and the scent is heavenly. I love how it feels too. Thanks for a great product.


Mmm so fresh! It calms me right down with my nightly routine! I bought it because I loved the Milk Of Roses so much, but like the benefits of Lavander for my redness and acne as well! I will use the lavender at night and rose in the morning! Amazing quality! Please keep making more wonderful products!


I just love what this dose for my face. I mainly use it at night. This leaves my skin soft and shrinks my pores.