Rosewater Cold Cream

Rosewater Cold Cream


We fell in love with this recipe as soon as we read it - taken from an 1887 book and recreated for today. Wonderfully nourishing and restoring. Made from our own solar-infused rose water. The only thing substituted in the recipe is the spermaceti (whale oil) replacement, all else followed to a tee, even cooking over an open flame (yes, we are stubborn). Tea tree oil included adding both antibacterial and antiseptic benefits. Prevents blemishes by removing excess oil and dead skin cells. 
Ingredients: infused rose petal (from our farm) almond oil, jojoba oil, our own rosewater, our own beeswax, attar of rose

How to use: can be used as a makeup remover/moisturizer by putting a bit on a hot cloth and spreading over face, gently wipe off. Also great for parched, chapped winter hands. For extra winter skin help slather on hands and sleep in gloves... your hands will thank you in the morning.

For your convenience, available in a 1.5 oz glass jar or 2 ounce wide mouth plastic jar

No yucky stuff! We are sulfate, palm oil, propylene glycol and petroleum byproducts free. This product does not contain a preservative. Please use within 6 months of opening.


From our customers:

"I love this cold cream, I use it as nighttime moisturizer and it has worked great. it is a little heavier as you would expect from a cold cream and I love how much moisture it delivers to my dry skin." 


"This product is amazing I use it on my hands and it not only softens but it also heals any cracked areas. I’m a nurse and wash my hands frequently throughout the day. this is my go to product!!"


"Great product for a great cause! Lovely light natural rose scent and beautiful texture."


"I just got this today and couldn't wait to try it. I love how soothing it is on my skin and the light floral scent. I can't wait to try more products. My skin is so sensitive and to find something that feels like this is amazing!"