Virgin's Milk

Virgin's Milk



Called "milk" for the milky appearance when Gum of Benjamin is added, Virgin's Milk was widely found at every woman's vanity used as a daily elixir for skin. It was advertised as "giving one an ivory complexion and softens all faces smooth". The scent is a warm, lovely vanilla. Safe for those with eczema and psoriasis. 2 oz bottle


This is handmade lovingly from a 1833 recipe. I am pleasantly surprised by how little ingredients there are yet how soft it leaves skin... no wonder it was widely popular. Rosewater is such a wonder for skin and with the Balm of Gilead infused into rosewater - it leaves skin silky and clean. Some customers have told us they use this alone without moisturizer. 


The original recipe calls for Balm of Gilead, a wonderful, nourishing bud from Poplar trees whose sap is both protecting and healing. We gather it here in the late winter for use in our balms and salves. Instead of using an oil, which can sometimes contain fillers if commercially purchased, we have instead infused the buds into the milk giving you the utmost benefit possible. 


No yucky stuff! We are sulfate, palm oil, propylene glycol and petroleum byproducts free. This product does not contain a preservative. Please use within 6 months of opening.