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Wish List

With your generous contributions, we are able to feed and care for many animals giving the highest in care, food and shelter. Looking for a way to help? The following items are always needed...

Feed Wish List:

Gift cards to Tractor Supply or Farmers Exchange (Townsend, Ma)

All Stock Feed (no copper)

Goat Pellets

Sheep Pellets

Equine Senior

Alfalfa Pellets

Scratch (chickens)

White salt blocks (no copper)

Whole or cracked corn

Loose minerals (no copper)


General Wish List:

Hay (first or second cut, mold and dust free)

Gift cards: Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart (pasture seed, fence repair supplies, tractor repair, buckets)

Paste de-wormer such as Equimax, Strongid, Zimectrin, Panacur, etc.


Bute (can be fruit flavored or unflavored)



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